The prime aim of the building maintenance is to preserve a building in its initial state, as far as practicable while retaining, where appropriate, its investment values, and presenting a good appearance; so that it effectively serves its purpose.

Building maintenance if neglected will lead to decay and degrade having harmful effects and threaten safety of both occupants and building finish. It is very important for property owners to plan for periodic programmes of daily, weekly, monthly, half yearly and annual inspections; and same plan should be revised and updated after each inspection.

It is impossible to produce buildings which are maintenance-free, but maintenance work can be minimized by good design and proper workmanship carried out by skilled experts or competent craftsmen using suitable codes of installation, requisite building materials and methods. Monaco Stone Technical Services (LLC) Dubai, provides you all the above maintenance related services that can be tailor made as per your requirement.

Monaco Stone Technical Services (LLC)
team expert at following;

• Heat ventilation and Air Condition Maintenance
• Engineering Maintenance Services
• Specialized system maintenance
• Emergency lighting
• Health, safety and emergency systems
• Lifts and lifting equipment
• Stand-by power generators & uninterrupted power suppliers
• Electrical services including load balancing
• Installation of domestic appliances
• Plumbing and drainage
• Water pumps and water heaters
• Swimming pools/man made lakes
• Fire fighting system